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Onbedroom – The Ultimate Online Store for Sex Toys in India


Sex Toys in India: India is one of the world’s most talked-about nations resting in Asia. Dotted with beautiful locations, scenic cities, and friendly people, this nation has welcomed modernity in its culture. It is at this pivotal point that we have come up with a thought to strengthen sexual wellness all over India. Hence, our online sex toys store in India, Onbedroom, welcomes all with a stunning range of adult toys in India.

No matter in which city you are in India, you can choose to buy sex toys in India without any hassle. Just get in touch with our customer care executives and they will help you to buy adult toys in India.


Onbedroom – Know about Our Online Sex Toys Store in India

Onbedroom intakes pleasure in bringing all men and women the most versatile, top quality, and realistic adult toys and accessories. It is everywhere in India that we take up orders for sex toys in India and deliver them within 2 to 3 working days. You can be in any city and we will make the delivery right at your doorstep and also discreetly.

The collection of our online sex toys store in India is no doubt trendy and huge. Rather, we are here to serve all age groups. Be it sex toys for females in India, sex toys for males in India, or sex toys for couples in India, we preserve an amazing range for one and all. Most importantly, we ensure safety with all our products and promise to make his/her sex life better.


We Bring Two Ways to Purchase Sex Toys in India

Our online sex toys store in India keep very simple ordering procedures so that one faces no difficulty in placing orders. We have two such methods out of which one can go with any of these and proceed. In case there are any queries, you can always get in touch with our online sex toy shop in India.


Go with any one of the following ways and order sex toys in India:


Visit Our Store and Order

This method says that you can visit our online sex toys store in India, browse the categories and subcategories, choose your product and place an order. For formalities, quite a few steps need to be followed and then you can place your order for sex toys in India. Before placing the order, you will have a choice of desired payment mode. You click, pay, and order in an instant.


Call Our Sales Executives and Order

Visit our website and you will come across our contact number. Dial it and you can connect to our customer care executive. In this process, you will have to provide some details to our executive who will assist you to get your order placed.


Top Cities in India Where We Deliver 

What’s best about our online sex toys store in India is that we take up orders from anywhere and everywhere in India. It can be any city, any town, or even a remote area from where we will take an order with pleasure. It can be any product for anyone, whether those are sex toys for couples in India, sex toys for males in India, or sex toys for females in India.

Our online sex toys store in India have listed the top cities where we have already left our footprints and have made impressive business. Have a quick look at where we received the maximum orders for adult toys in India:


Sex Toys in Delhi

Delhi has been a fabulous capital with wonderful and open-minded people. Here we got most of the orders from men and couples for adult toys in India. Out of the sex toys for males in Delhi, we got calls for real silicone dolls, male strokers, and penis enlargement devices. Among the sex toys for couples in India, there were demands for anal dildos and app-control vibrators.


Sex Toys in Mumbai

After Delhi, it was Mumbai where we came across requests for female vibrators, especially bullet vibrators, G-spot, and rabbit vibrators among the sex toys for females in India. Also, a lot of young girls had asked for artificial hymen and breast creams. BDSM toys like chastity lock devices and mouth ball gags were among the most asked sex toys in India.


Sex Toys in Kolkata

Jalalabad has been quite responsive, especially for couples who had asked more for app control vibrators. These vibrators among the sex toys for females in India have created a stir among the newlyweds in India. The demand for vaginal creams was also quite high among the herbal adult toys in India.


Onbedroom Brings an Amazing Compilation of Sex Toys in India 

Shopping at our online sex toys store in India is equally pleasurable for men, women, and couples. Out of all reasons, one is the variety that is worth mentioning. Besides, we stress a lot on quality and safety always to ensure sexual wellness for all our customers concerning adult toys in India.


Sex Toys for Females in India

Our online sex toys store in India cares for women always. Accordingly, we have included all those sex toys and accessories that would help them have a blast in bed, be it alone or with their partners.

Here are sex toys for females in India including bullet vibrators, Lelo vibrators, fun vibrators, We-Vibe vibrators, electro sex toys, sex machines, and more. All these sex toys in India are quite safe for the female genitals and durable as well.

Also, there are accessories to choose from for all the hot ladies out there. They can try nipple vibrators, sex kits, silicone breast prostheses, and more among the adult toys in India. In other words, the range of female sex toys in India is quite impressive.


Sex Toys for Male in India

Men can now weave naughtier dreams of getting orgasmic in bed. Just visit our sex toys shop in India and you will get so many options for sex toys for males in India to explore. Look for inflatable dolls, cock rings, silicone dolls, big artificial vaginas, penis enlargement machines, and whatnot at our sex toys shop in India.

As per our sales report on male sex toys in India, things have looked pretty well in the last few months. Moreover, our online sex toys store in India makes these all available at cost-effective rates.


Couple Sex Toys in India

For the couples what our online sex toys store in India has brought is a sensational variety. Among the sex toys for couples in India, we have brought amazing products that would take their sex life to cloud 9.

If you are one of those couples looking for that hot sex toy, start shopping for anal vibrators, anal dildos, anal dildos, butt plugs, etc. Don’t miss out looking for strap-ons as well as the strapless ones out of the sex toys for couples in India.


Five Popular Sex Toys in India

Onbedroom has listed the top 5 sex toys in India that attracted a good number of singles and couples in the last few months. Take a look:


Butt Plugs

If you fantasize anal sex like anything, this would be a super pick for sure. Among the sex toys for couples in India, it is quite popular and apt for couples to make love without pain. These sex toys for couples in India will come in trendy designs and are easy to afford as well. Hence, buying these adult sex toys in India from our online sex toys store is profitable.


Fun Vibrator

Female solo is going to be super amusing with fun vibrators among the sex toys for females in India. These vibrating sex toys in India take shapes of day-to-day objects and make the intimate scenes exciting. Pick any model from our online sex toys store in India and make your sex life so fulfilling. These female sex toys in India are high in quality and fun to use.


Male Masturbation Toys

Men will love to masturbate with the toys we have got at our online sex toys store in India. These toys come with a real-like vagina that brings real satisfaction to men. Being made of silicone, these sex toys for males in India are quite safe on the skin and easy to clean also.


Inflatable Love Doll

There is no comparison to a sex doll as it is ideal to quench a man’s lusty thirst. These sex toys for males in India are amazingly real, attractive, and have cuddly body parts and genitals. The collection is worth browsing at our online sex toys store in India and men must bring one home.


App Control Vibrator

Who knew lovemaking would now be possible from long distances? Yes, the app control vibrator has proved this rightly and has united innumerable couples staying apart. These vibrators look like bullet ones as they are compact and can be operated without any difficulty. These sex toys in India for couples are good to afford and keep couples indulged with each other throughout.

Each of these sex toys in India can be ordered and delivered to your doorstep. The delivery would be done discreetly in hardy boxes and so there are no chances of any mishandling. For whichever sex toys in India we take up orders, we deliver them quickly and safely.


10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Onbedroom for Online Shopping

When investing in adult toys online, you look for a store that will promise you quality service, timely delivery, and discreet packaging. Of course, there are plenty who make such promises. But Onbedroom commits to a different level. Well, here are ten big reasons why one should choose Onbedroom to buy sex toys online in India:


We have Premium-Quality Products

Nothing beats the quality of our products. Whether you are looking for our male, female or couple sex toys, Onbedroom, the site that sells sex toys in India, will never disappoint you. These would never harm the skin as they are all made from skin-friendly materials like silicone, PVC, TPR, etc. To enhance health and hygiene, we keep all sexual wellness products. Our sex toys available in India include male strokers, silicone sex dolls, cock rings, vibrating massagers, and anal dildos are among the popular picks. Therefore, when it comes to quality, one does not have to give a rethought about buying adult toys India here.


We Promise Discreet Delivery

Confidentiality is crucial for Onbedroom. Every customer who orders from our store is precious. Hence, we take extreme care of their privacy. So, our packaging is secure, with no product details or image on it.We know how crucial it is to sustain confidentiality in one's sex life, and this we maintain at all costs as part of our profession.

Our sex toys store in India promises discreet packaging by leaving no product details on it. Our boxes are sturdy enough to ensure the safety of our products. Our sales professionals deliver the order safely to the customer's address.


We Let you Shop without Worries

When it comes to sex toys online shopping with a smile, Onbedroom will stick to it consistently. As you explore our sex toys website India, you will come across some splendid sex toys and accessories of exceptional variety.

Just a few clicks will let you place an order without any effort. One needs to give the necessary details before ordering based on which the order will be accepted. However, one can contact our sales executives and place an order.


We always Deliver on Time

Onbedroom takes the pleasure of bringing your order wherever you wish. You give your accurate address, and we will be responsible for getting it within three working days. Upon ordering, a time will be specified for your order to be delivered by the courier service. The customer will know about the status of his order from us.


We have a Prompt Courier Service

The reason behind our timely delivery is swift courier service. Our online sex shop has the most professional courier service providers who deliver orders at the speediest time possible.

For this, however, the customer should give an accurate address, and only then will the delivery reach on time. So, if you wish to do sex toys online shopping in India, we will help you do so with pleasure.


We Offer Flexible Payment Options

There is nothing to worry about or question about our payment modes. We have the most secure and well-known payment gateways. Whether you want to pay online through any debit or credit card or pay cash on delivery, we are flexible with all these payment options.

Another safe and convenient payment mode is UPI, where one has to pay through a phone-based application. We have options like G-pay, Phonepe, Paytm, Payumoney etc.


We Promise Strong Customer Care Support

Our online sex toys website in India has a proficient team of customer care executives with the knowledge and expertise to assist us and solve queries. Whether it is about an order request, product query, complaint, or anything else, our sales executives are always there to help customers on call.

A call will be good enough to contact our customer care department. So, anytime you feel you need assistance before sex toy online shopping at our store, Onbedroom will help you always.


We keep No Hidden Costs

Onbedroom is transparent and prefers dealing directly with its customers. We have no third parties or commercial gains for which we charge hidden costs or other fees. We give a clear picture of our products on our website. You browse our site, choose any product, share your basic details, and place an order.

Our prices are stated clearly as per the product. Our shipping charges are different for different products. Besides, we never charge unnecessary fees. We always uphold professionalism and give our best efforts to meet all our customers' demands.


We Keep No Shipping Complications

Onbedroom has a very transparent shipping policy. Our shipping service providers are professional to ensure that they send out timely orders. We hardly make any delays except for any emergency. In that case, our deliveries will be given within a day or two.

In other words, we keep no complications in our shipping process. Rather, we ensure a swift shipping process after we receive order requests from customers.


We Bring you Unquestionable Safety

At Onbedroom, we consider safety to be the most primary concern for one and all. Unless we make our customers feel safe and happy, we are never contented. Each and every product at Onbedroom is made of the safest material that leaves no side effects on the skin and genitals. Materials like THP, silicone, PVC, and more are among the primary materials for our products.

Furthermore, these products are easy to clean with water and soap. Despite this, we keep advising everyone to avoid using our products with outsiders. This we do to ensure that everyone sticks to the importance of sexual wellness.


Final Words

In the 21st century, online shopping for sex toys in India is not a challenge anymore. Reports say that 57% people prefer shopping for sex toys in India online.

In this context, Onbedroom has a pleasant experience of welcoming a good percentage of online shoppers in the last few years. With time, we are confident that there will be more health and wellness products for all genders.

Thanks to the changing mindsets of people in India they, are now shifting their focus to using adult products for good health and mental peace. As long as the demand of buying sex toys in India will stay alive, Onbedroom will continue to impress and serve wholeheartedly.

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Extremely sensual encounters
I get really erotic sessions with this trendy vibrator. It is essential to purchase if you wish to have wild sessions. Put this toy on your wish list to add extreme erotica to every moment. The toy requires little upkeep and is simple to use.
Moderated on 02/13/2024.
Mita d.
What an amazing experience!
I never thought this realistic vibrator would reignite the passion in my relationship. It has helped me and my partner experience improved intimacy, and I tell you, it’s worth the money.
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soni S.
A Real Game Changer !!
Wow, this toy is a game-changer! It's discreet, powerful, and incredibly satisfying. I can't recommend it enough. I was hesitant at first, but this exceeded my expectations. It's so easy to use and delivers mind-blowing sensations
Moderated on 02/13/2024.
Mrs R.
Great vibrator
This vibrator is worth buying. Trust me, ladies, it will take you to the peak o sensation. I have become a fan of this realistic vibrator. Oh, the sensation! It is so pleasurable. The length is so huge that it completely satisfies me.
Moderated on 10/16/2023.
kunal r.
Saved my relationship
This app-controlled vibrator saved my relationship. My girlfriend sits abroad but I can give her sensational stimulation by this vibrator. I can easily control her vibrations through my smartphone.
Moderated on 10/16/2023.
sunny k.
So much fun without discomfort
Yes, I am here to share my thoughts after using K-Y Johnson and Johnson lubricant. It moisturizes the penis. I can play with love dolls and feel the fun without hurting my nether region. I am happy that it happens smoothly.
Moderated on 07/22/2023.
Sahil S.
35 y.o.
My girlfriend loves it!!
Truly, I am able to prove that the Super Dooz 34000 Dragon Delay Spray is ideal for my situation. The erection took a long time. However, using this spray has made getting an erection quicker and easier for me. I experience tingling and magical results from two sprays applied before going to bed. It has saved my image in front of my girlfriend.
Moderated on 07/22/2023.
Zahir R.
A good start to BDSM
The concept of BDSM is new to us. So, we started to have fun with this handcuffs that gives unlimited fun. I can feel no pain when the handcuffs are tied around my wrist. I am happy that it gives unlimited fun as I feel arrested with this product.
Moderated on 07/22/2023.
Sanjibon B.
Amazing products
This anal dildo is the best one that I came across. It has great quality and smooth finishing. The beads of this toy double the sensation during insertion. My anal play has become highly erotic with this toy.
Moderated on 07/22/2023.
Puja T.
My Experience is amazing
I am a married girl and I am going to share my fabulous experience with this brilliant toy. It is a toy that has adjustable belt with a hollow dildo at the center. As the vibration begins and the suction cup works both of us are trigged with passion.
Moderated on 07/22/2023.
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