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Buy Remote Control Vibrating Panty for Female Online in India
Vibrating Panty

Vibrating panties for women in India have now become their favourite pick. Women can now enjoy orgasms anywhere they want.


The vibrating panty is a discreet vibrating toy which gives women heightened pleasure. The vibrating panty is nothing but a thong which comes with a mini bullet vibrator. It is easy to wear and highly comfortable, so you can easily enjoy anywhere women want.


The attractive look of the toy comes from its sleek design and sophisticated style. The thong is made of soft quality cloth that gives maximum comfort to the user. Its bullet vibrator has multiple modes of vibration and is hassle-free to clean.


This unique toy from our adult toys store in India is perfect to fan your hidden erotic passion.

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The secret vibrating underwear for her.   The invincible erotic pleasure that any woman should own and wear. Buy this sexy – erotic underwear and ask her to wear it tonight over dinner. As you having wine, activate the string with the remote control. Female strapless underwear c string with remote controled vibration. Her pussy is in your hands now. Multi speed thrilling vibrations will go through her body. She will light up like a ball of fire in your arms. See her eyes go horny. Make dinner out, a sensation and a half. At work. Give her the string and ask her to wear it. As she types a letter, activate the string.   100 s of sexy erotic ideas to implement for this secret, between her legs, powerful weapon. Buy it now and let her beg you for wild sex.


Have a look at this amazingly stylish panty vibrator that comes in a leopard grain print. A remote control has been provided so that one can operate from even long distances. As far as its vibration speed is concerned, it is no doubt incredible. Made of net yarn material, it is absolutely non-toxic, safe and comfortable on the skin. Powered by two AA batteries, the remote control also lets the vibration volume increase or decrease. Available in various sizes, Leopard Green Panty Vibrator with remote control can now be ordered online at cheap prices.