Faqs By Delivery

Discreet Delivery is Our Assurance

Onbedroom delivers orders to different cities in India. One can be present in any city and order. Timely delivery is what we are very particular about. It is our duty to assure that the customer has provided the correct address and thereafter we proceed to make the delivery at the specified location. We deliver in 2 to 3 business days.

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How will I know that your order will stay confidential?

Onbedroom is extremely cautious about each and every order it delivers. In respect to a customer’s privacy, we make sure to pack the products with absolute safety. No details about the product are mentioned on the parcel. The details that will be provided on the package will be the address as well as the name of the customer. In other words, confidentiality is what we assure while delivering a product to the customer.

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Do your orders go out to specific cities in India?

Onbedroom works with the most reputed courier service providers. Therefore, we send out orders to all cities in India. After the order is received, we do not delay in processing the order. As we constantly operate with top courier service providers, our orders are delivered in time.

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