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Electro Sex Toy In India | Electro-Stimulation Play Kit
Electro Sextoys

Electro Sex toys in India will now fan up the erotic desire of women. Women can now get over the monotony of sensation with this remote-controlled toy.


This toy triggers the inner desire by stimulating the sensitive areas. The toy remote has cords and pads that must be fixed in the private parts. It gives a sensation that leads the woman to climax. This toy consists of over 100 stimulations, which users can change at their convenience.


It is effortless to clean and maintain. The toy at our adult toys store in India is highly durable and easy to clean.

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If you are a beginner and willing to use a sex kit, go for this Shock Therapy Electro Sex Kit for wild stimulations. It comes with an LCD screen where the user will be able to check the power control and intensity level. Moreover, one can choose from the 3 pre-programmed pulsation patterns and also receive electrical impulses by resting the pad on whichever part f the body one wishes. Depending on what one wishes to enjoy, be it a sensuous tingle or a throbbing tap, one single push of a button does everything. Apart from these, there are over 100 stimulation combinations to choose from that would result in unending enjoyment.


Function: Butter Fly Dance Electro Sex Kit is a hi-tech muscle stimulator that works on the basis of electronic impulse. Here the impulses are sent to the body electronically that keep the muscles relaxed and sets you for a perfect erotic action.

Material: NA

Colour: Pink and Blue

Size: NA

Special feature: Multi-speed vibration, 6 electrical impulses, Easy to clean and clear displays

Battery: 2 AA batteries


Shock Therapy Electro Sex Kit V2 brings you the experience of taking breast enhancement pleasures, lumbar muscle relaxation, cervical spondylitis relief and more. Having made of skin-friendly polymer, it assures to keep the user free from falling prey to toxic effects. The unit needs to be placed correctly on the body part where the user desires to enjoy stimulation. On activating the start switch, the specific body part will undergo an erotic massage that would be quite satisfactory for the user. For best results, use the right amount of lubricant that would also assure safety at its best.