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Male Stroker is going to be so pleasurable with this 5D 12 Frequency Hands Electrical Male Stroker Cup that is a Stimulating device designed to take male orgasm at its peak. This 12-frequency masturbation cup is made of non-toxic material ABS material that makes it quite durable for years to come. What makes it safer is its waterproof body that allows it to be used in water. There is a red power button that should be pressed to make the device run. It specifications are 22.7cm x 9 cm.


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Angel Blow Up Baby Doll ILD-001
    Special Offer is Over

    Quick Details:- Material: Silicone + pvc Size: 160CM X 27CM Color: flesh Material: Medical Silicone + PVC Height(blow up): about 160cm Measurements: 88cm 61cm 89cm Stand Pressure: 300pounds Weight: about 3kgs Certificaters: CE,FDA   Main Features: 1.Lifelike 3D face, lifelike hair  2.Simulate real vaginal structure 3.Sexy Breast can be filled with water  4.Hight quality hair, Oral sex , vaginal sex and anal sex are available. 5.Fixed silicone pussy with rooted pubic hair 6.Ultra-soft mouth and nipple,large breast 7.Composition:Advanced Medical material non-toxic PVC  6.Lingeries in picture is sold seperately. --Love dolls Can offord 300 pound force; --soft silicone g

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    Male Stroker cups are not something new to men but the Bingo Vocal Rechargeable Vibrating Cup is really a special one. Innovation at its best, this Male Stroker cup has its sleeve made of top-quality TPR. Moreover, it is phthalate free that assures users to stay away from side effects and skin irritations. Sporting a nice golden shade, it does not have any smell and looks quite real, giving men the pleasure to use it for immense satisfaction. What gets men going with this Male Stroker is the clear sexy voice that comes out of it to create more passion. It is also unique for the fact that it comes equipped with 10 different types of noise-free but strong vibrating effects for extra stimulation. Featuring a stylish design, it is rechargeable and can be utilized for solo sessions.

    Product: Bingo Vocal Rechargeable Vibrating Cup MS-059

    Material: TPR

    Colour: Golden

    Special Feature: 10-function vibrations.

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    Anal Stroker will now seem to be the best thing in the world once you start using this Canada Pink Butt Anal Stroker for Men. What you will love about it is its dual feature of a tight anus and a supple vagina that would perfectly meet your erotic needs. Comprising a silicone membrane type Superskin, it feels quite soft against the male private parts, giving one the real touch of a pussy. It is also quite compatible with water and one can therefore use it while bathing. You can even clean it with some warm soapy water.

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    The Chastity Lock Cb-6000 S offers the utmost in comfort and security to the male penis. The ring design comprises three interlocking pieces, which attach together like a puzzle. The two guide pins support the top pieces together. The locking pin that is oval-shaped goes through the middle recessed hole and connects the cage portion to the ring. What keeps the rings comfortable and secure are their flat designs. Made of polycarbonate material, it is light in weight, hypoallergenic and sturdy as well. The cage portion is vented for hygiene and has a bottom opening makes it easy at the urinals.

    What is Chastity Lock CB-6000?

    Chastity Lock CB-6000 is a cock cage that has been designed to restrict the male genitals from doing any sort of sexual activity. It is a very advanced device that comes with three interlocking pieces. Each piece can be linked to each other easily. There are two guide pins that are made to keep the top pieces intact. Moreover, this chastity lock device has a flat device that assures comfort to the user. It is a very popular product in India.

    Chastity Lock CB-6000 has an ultra-light body as it is made of high-quality polycarbonate. The cock cage India is quite sturdy and comprises an easy bottom opening for the user to urinate with ease. This erotic product is categorized under the BDSM sex toys and used mostly among couples. Those who prefer enjoying BDSM love using the chastity lock devices for fun and entertainment.

    The popularity of chastity cage in India is quite high. The demand of these BDSM products has never really taken a backseat. In fact, many couples prefer enjoy with cock cage India for making the intimate sessions more engaging and intense. These devices make role play very interesting and thrilling.


    Features of Chastity Lock CB-6000

    The Chastity Lock CB-6000 is a very popular Sex toys product in India. It has a good number of interesting features to consider. Have a look:

    ·         Resembles the male penis

    ·         Comprises a molded shaft

    ·         Slit opening for easy urination

    ·         Made of polycarbonate

    ·         Sturdy and comfortable to wear

    ·         Light in weight

    ·         Oval-shaped locking pin


    What I like about the Chastity Lock CB-6000?

    Security for the male genitals is assured, and this is the most likeable aspect about the Chastity Lock CB-6000. Moreover, it is easy to clean with the help of water and soap. Furthermore, it is quite safe to wear and does not affect the skin in any way.


    What I don’t like about the Chastity Lock CB-6000?

    The Chastity Lock CB-6000 should be dried in a cool place. Otherwise, it would have high chances to get contaminated. Also, it prevents men from getting an erection. This means that if he is seduced by any means from his partner, it might be tough for him to resist erection.

    Many can have skin irritations when wearing it inside his underwear. These are the most challenging aspects about the Chastity Lock CB-6000.


    How to wear the Chastity Lock CB-6000?

    Wearing the Chastity Lock CB-6000 is easy. It takes a few steps to do so:

    ·         Take a bit of lubricant and apply on your penis

    ·         Place one testicle and slip in through the ring. Once done, do the same for the other testicle

    ·         After the testicles have been placed inside the ring, allow the penis to bend so that it slides smoothly

    ·         Rest the cage enclosure across the penis and link it to that ring


    How to Clean the Chastity Lock CB-6000?

    Cleaning the Chastity Lock CB-6000 is quite easy. You need to have some warm water and soap. Just mix them up for a solution and submerge the cage in the mixture. Put all the Cook rings also and clean them thoroughly. After the cleaning is done, dry them properly. In fact, the user should ensure that the parts have dried well. Thereafter, it would be good to use.



    The Chastity Lock CB-6000 is, therefore, a fantastic product for BDSM lovers. It just needs to be used safely and worn gently. Men would not have problems wearing it. In fact, couples would have maximum fun with such a great product. One can buy this chastity cage Sex toys  in India at cheap prices online.

    Front and Side View : 


    Chastity Lock CB-6000 S Features

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    Product Detail

    Package Component

    2 X Vibrating Cock Ring

    Size:3.5cm outer diameter, 1.2cm Thickness

    Product Detail

    100% Brand New in packaging

    Material:Non-Toxic SEBS SILICONE Jel

    For finger , penis , vibrator

    Prolong & erection function.

    Reusable Sleeve(non toxic)

    Super stretchy comfort fit

    Sensual ticklers & textures

    Intense penetrating action

    Color:Soft Peach Orange


    Recommendation:Always use a compatible lubrican with this product for maximum pleasure

    Love Adult Sex Aid Vibrating Cock Penis Ring Cockring Butterfly Vibrator Rings Sex Toys For Men

    • 100% Brand New and Hight Quailit
    • Made of Polymer non-toxic materials,according to CE and ROHS standar
    • The ring can be used with condom or alone
    • Run time:40~80 minutes continuousl
    • Female can enjoy sexual orgasm with it by DIY special designed stimulator can stimulate female clitoris for reaching clima
    • Soft and tight, so fit any penis erection ring
    • Power By Battery(includ)
    • Swich: on/of
    • Weight:15.5g
    • with Retail Packing (Secret Packing)
    • Color by random

    Warm Tips
    Products only among individuals and couples to use, please note hygiene before and after use. This product is cleaned after use, the circuit part of the Do not contact with water in order to avoid electrical fault. Do not coat contact with the ink and other dirt easily. Collection devices when you're loaded packing box, according to the original location of each collection well placed to prepare for the next transaction.

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    Colt Adam Champ Foreskin Realistic Vibrator will now let you play with a porn star’s cock. This would bring you imaginary vibes during penetration and the experience will just change your sex life. It represents the replica of the penis of Adam Champ, who is a popular Argentine porn star. Having made out of premium quality PVC, it not only looks real with a rosy head but also feels good with its bulging blue veins.

    A quick look at some of its features:

    • Replica of Adam Champ’s penis
    • PVC material
    • Realistic look
    • Bulging blue veins
    • Suction base
    • Smooth to insert
    • 8 inches long

    Frequently Answered Questions:

    Why buy Colt Adam Champ Foreskin Realistic Vibrator?

    Colt Adam Champ Foreskin Realistic Vibrator will bring you a hands-free experience on being plugged into a smooth surface and using its suction base. It has a total length of 8 inches while it can be inserted up to 6.5 inches.

    How to use Colt Adam Champ Foreskin Realistic Vibrator?

    Just apply a little lubricant on the penis head so that it becomes smoother to insert and make your strokes harder and faster.

    What makes Colt Adam Champ Foreskin Realistic Vibrator different?

    Colt Adam Champ Foreskin Realistic Vibrator uses a suction cup that makes the experience more intensifying and unresistable.

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    Have a look at this Comfortable Waterproof Hands Free Vibrating Male Stroker that comes with a 145-degree rotating joint arm. It is made of super skin that will make the user feel real on his skin. The soft section is made of good quality silica gel that is both odourless and non-poisonous as well. As it has an ergonomic design, it involves easy handling and convenient operation. Besides, it is very easy to wash, quite durable and can be easily detached.

    ₹11,239.20Regular price-10%₹12,488.00Price

    An innovative Stimulation session is waiting ahead for all those horny men who are going to have this Crazy Bull Maurice Ultra-Simulation Pussy. What one will love about this product is that it comes with 12 different vibration modes. Moreover, its powerful suction pad will help the user adjust it to the right angle. It is a textured pussy sleeve featuring an inner labia, an outer labia, hood and a clitoris. Its sleeve feels like actual flesh while its real voice makes the experience livelier. Crazy Bull Maurice Ultra-Simulation Pussy is available at an online sex toy stop and that too at a decent price.

    ₹11,239.20Regular price-10%₹12,488.00Price

    What is Doggie Style Debbie Pussy & Ass Masturbator?

    The Doggie Style Debbie Pussy & Ass Masturbator is a male masturbating device. It comes in the form of a human structure with female genitals exposed. Precisely, this comprises a girl sitting with knees bended and showing off her anal area and pussy.

    What material Doggie Style Debbie Pussy & Ass Masturbator is made of?

    The Doggie Style Debbie Pussy & Ass Masturbator is made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), which is non-toxic and absolutely free of phthalates.

    What is the design of the Doggie Style Debbie Pussy & Ass Masturbator?

    The Doggie Style Debbie Pussy & Ass Masturbator has a compact design that makes it easier to use. Moreover, it has a space for using a vibrator. Furthermore, its pussy has a ribbed interior that would give men the pleasure to penetrate. Moreover, it has the perfect skin colour that makes it look quite realistic.

    What are the measurements for Doggie Style Debbie Pussy & Ass Masturbator?

    The Doggie Style Debbie Pussy & Ass Masturbator measures 12 inches in length and 12 inches in width that makes it portable as well.

    How to Use the Doggie Style Debbie Pussy & Ass Masturbator?

    As the name says, the Doggie Style Debbie Pussy & Ass Masturbator lets a man enjoy penetration and masturbation in an ultimate doggy style. He can spank the ass while he enjoys penetration to the core. It is very easy to use just like a man would want to make love with his girl.

    How to Clean the Doggie Style Debbie Pussy & Ass Masturbator?

    The Doggie Style Debbie Pussy & Ass Masturbator is very easy to clean with the help of a mild soap and some lukewarm water. Before and after the performance, wash it well with the solution. Once washing is done, take a soft dry cloth and wipe it well. This would keep the toy clean and safe for use.

    ₹14,594.85Regular price-5%₹15,363.00Price

    The Dotted Realistic Vibrator will now make you stay orgasmic throughout the night with its dotted veins on the body. As a result, it would let the user feel that wild touch, making the experience a fabulous one. The fact that makes it safe and smooth to use is its phthalate-free PVC body, which becomes quite easy to clean.

    A quick look at some of its features:

    • Dotted veins
    • Safe to use
    • Smooth to penetrate
    • PVC material
    • Phthalate-free  body
    • Easy to clean
    • Multi-speed vibrations

    Frequently Answered Questions:

    Why buy Dotted Realistic Vibrator?

    One can just twist the base and thereafter control the multiple speed settings. It has a length of 8 inches that is good enough to take strokes with strong vibrations.

    How to use Dotted Realistic Vibrator?

    Right at the start, keep the speed slow and gradually turn it up for more action. Do not forget to apply some lube on the penis head that would keep your performance get going.

    What makes Dotted Realistic Vibrator different?

    The dotted veins present trigger erotic sensations and hence prepares the user for a super climax.

    ₹6,260.50Regular price-5%₹6,590.00Price

    Want a huge Realistic Non Vibrator and willing to insert it deep into your vagina? Have a look at this Double Dong Ultraflexi that comes in a real skin colour and looks exactly like a huge male penis. As the name suggests, it has double heads and is made of solid jelly material that makes it quite soft to use. Lesbians can make good use of it from both sides. The material inside is good quality PVC that makes it quite long-lasting. Measuring 450 mm in length and 35 mm in diameter, this Double Dong Ultraflexi is simply superb for an incredible lovemaking session.

    ₹8,050.30Regular price-5%₹8,474.00Price