Faqs By Privacy

How will I know that your online store deals everything legally?

Onbedroom works in the most legalized manner. It involves in no 3rd party or illegal activities. Moreover, what matters to us is our reputation towards our customers, which we have sustained for years. Also, the procedures we follow are all legal. We are not fake and do business with absolute professionalism and legality. Satisfaction and happiness are our prime concern towards our customers. Besides, we are always committed towards our service.

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Will it be an issue if I share my personal infowhile placing an order?

Onbedroom is crystal clear about its intentions. Every information we receive from customers is validated for order processing. All the data extracted from our customers are meant for several purposes. For instance, giving order status, orders processing etc. In times of taking up orders or updating customers with product details, we need customer information for convenience and nothing else.We keep our customers notified always. This is a reason we need the customer’s contact number, email address, and other relevant info for the purpose of verification.

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How justified is your privacy policy?

Onbedroom has its own privacy policy. Everything which we state in the privacy policy has to be understood and adhered to. This policy is aimed at keeping our customers aware of our services and limitations. Therefore, we always request one and all to read our privacy policy before placing any order.


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