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Artificial Hymen

Women can now easily fake their virginity with Artificial Hymen for girls in India. It is a perfect pick for those who have broken their hymen. Women will now get the chance to give their men the feel of first penetration with this product of our adult toys store in India.


It is composed of premium quality material that makes it safe to put the hymen inside the vagina. The top-quality elements make this artificial hymen non-toxic use. It is easy to use and comes with fake blood, making the session more realistic. The fake blood can also be easily removed from the bedsheet or clothes.

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If you intend to fake virginity without letting your man know about it, try this artificial hymen. It is suitable for the woman who with broken hymen put artificial hymen into the vagina. It will inflate when there will be warm secretion and thereafter will envelop the vagina. The penis breaks the layer, and the hemachrome with the secretion lay on the penis and vulvae. It looks like the really blood very much. The effect will be better if the woman pretend feel pain and shy. It is dark red translucence film that dissolves into the secretion and do not flyblow clothes.