Onbedroom takes pleasure to make a few announcements to the press and media.

Have a look:

·         Onbedroom is an online adult toys store in New Delhi, dealing in adult toys and accessories for men and women. All our products are of top quality.


·         We are missioned to sustain sexual wellness amongst one and all. We have no other business gains or intentions.


·          Our products are delivered to various places throughout New Delhi and other cities throughout India. We also ship out orders to several corners of the country.


·         All the products at our store have surpassed quality tests. Without this, we refuse approving products at our store.


·         Most of our customers have got positive results from our products. We are aiming to reach a wider network in the long-run.

In regard to these details and for any information, you want to cover, you can reach us by the following ways:

·         A formal interview


·         A face to face meeting in person. The same can be arranged through a Skype or a voice call.


·         One who wants to know detailed business facts as per today’s market scenario can also reach us.


For any query:

Send us email at: sales@onbedroom.in

Call us at: +91 9540823823

WhatsApp us at: +91 9540823823