Rotation Lover Vibrating Massager With Suction Cup MS-051

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    When it comes to taking erotic massages, you tend to keep no compromises with your gadget, isn’t it? The Rotation Lover Vibrating Massager with Suction Cup brings on 5 different modes that will now meet all your massaging pleasures. Designed to be used by men, it comes with a powerful vibrator that will stimulate your genitals and give you extreme enjoyment you have always craved. What’s best about this product is that its settings can be adjusted as per your mood and desires. With a very compact measurement, this lightweight vibrator is easy to carry. As it has a length of 24 cm, it would give immense pleasure to the user during penetration.

    Rotation Lover Vibrating Massager with Suction Cup is made of non-toxic material and quite safe for the skin. For its multiple speed control, one will find it extremely worthy playing with her body. In terms of function, it is also quite user-friendly and is worth every penny. As the name suggests, it comes with a suction cup, it eliminates the use of hands, making the user enjoy to the fullest.

    Product: Rotation Lover Vibrating Massager with Suction Cup

    Category: Vibrating massager

    Material: Non-toxic

    Colour: Black

    Size: 24 x 6.4 cm (L x W), 8.8 cm thick

    Special feature: Comes with a suction cup.






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